How to work a Wheel spinner?

Wheel Spinner is a lovely tool to play a fun game or use for decision making. It is a random picker wheel that spins and selects a name of the category or a number whatever have been given while creating the wheel. It is a digital and advanced version of old board games. Wheel spinner online is an innovative tool to increase the engagement of your website visitors and build excitement and involvement of the audience at an event.

It is much easier and cost effective. Wheel spinner apps are available free of cost but for advanced users it may have to purchase but not very costly. It is a good value of money. Wheel spinner android versions are very popular among millions of android users. You can easily download from the internet. It is so simple and versatile that people of all ages can enjoy it.

Wheel spinner generators not just allow to create the wheel but also give the simple customization options. You can change the text color, theme of the wheel, wheel color, spinning time duration and wheel diameter to create a wheel as you like. It is so interactive and simple that you can use it in any environment.

As marketing strategies are changing day by day because of the advancement of the technologies therefore to adopt this kind of spinning tool you can add value in your business with your effective marketing strategies.

This multiuse wheel spinning is an ideal tool to use in many fields like education, business, game development, marketing, contests and entertainment. You can use it for fun or decision making. Advanced technologies have a great impact in our lives and changing our habits. Wheel Spinner is extensively used for decision making.

Ideas for wheel spinner Activities, Entertainment and Promotions

Below are some main ideas to use this innovative wheel spinner.

  • Classroom activities
  • Restaurant promotion
  • Job fairs
  • Food festivals
  • Trade shows booth
  • Conference table
  • Employee appreciations and recognition
  • Home activities with family members
  • Contests for customers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Special expos
  • Retail stores
  • Casino games
  • DIY business

Wheel spinner maker

Wheel spinner makers allow you to make a customized wheel very easily. A lot of websites on the internet are offering to make a wheel spinner. What you need to do is just go to the wheel spinner website, give the name of the wheel, give the categories name, if you want to make some changes like wheel size, theme of the wheel, color of the wheel, text color and spinning duration time, you are allowed to change it to make a beautiful wheel spinner. You can select up to 100 different categories and all these categories will be automatically separated with different colors to make the wheel attractive and easy to understand to the users.

How does it work?

The working of the wheel spinner is also very easy. After making a wheel spinner you just need to click on the wheel to spin it and it will stop after a certain period of time. The pointer of the wheel decides the selected categories. At this stage you might be curious to know how the wheel spinner works to select the category. Basically behind the scene some certain mathematical formulas are working. One of the most famous formulas is a random formula that stops the wheel each time at a randomized order. The random order selection creates the excitement and makes the wheel spinner versatile. This is the beauty of the wheel spinner that no one knows the order of the selection process. You can spin the wheel as many times as you need without paying any cost.

What is a wheel spinner for?

Basically it is a multi-purpose tool used for different kinds of activities. You can use wheel spinner decider for decision making, wheel spinner game online to use as a fun game, wheel spinner name picker to pick a random name or many other activities like these. It is a very productive tool for small and medium organizations. Wheel spinner tool is serving in many fields like entertainment, education, business and game development. You can play with it just for the sack of fun or can use it to make a decision.

Wheel spinner on Social Media

Wheel spinner has a great social media presence. It is very popular and extensively used on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others. Hundreds and thousands of social media users are using the wheel spinners. It is very easy to join the vast wheel spinner online community on social media networks.

Can it Share or save the Wheel spinner?

The wheel spinner can easily save and share with your friends, colleagues and family members. Wheel spinner download is also possible. You can also share wheel spinner apps on social media platforms to show your customized wheel spinner.


From a business point of view, wheel spinner games can be used to promote your business on the internet. Wheel spinner apps are easily available on the internet both for desktop and mobile users and these are free to download. Wheel spinner can also integrate with your own website to greater involvement of your website visitors that makes your website more interactive.


Wheel spinning has great involvement in the field of gaming. Internet users love to play free and interactive games. Wheel spinner is a very versatile and simple game that can use any type of user for fun. These kinds of games are getting popular which give some sort of positive outcomes to the users. Wheel spinner games are very cheap and for everyone.

Decision Making

Decision making is a serious and complicated matter. One of the main uses of wheel spinner is decision making. Although we daily make decisions regardless of whether they are small or large, sometimes we have multiple options to make a decision and we just feel confused about our decision. In this scenario we can use the wheel spinner to make a final decision. You just need to build a wheel spinner according to the situation and let the wheel spinner make a decision for you. Many people are still using the flipping coin for decision making but a coin has just two sides that allows us to make a decision yes or no while wheel spinning gives us the opportunity to flip the coin up to 100 sides.