How does a spinning wheel game work?

Digital games are playing an important role to make a productive strategy for increasing engagement of customers and building excitement at an event. One of the most cost effective and easiest tools in this regard is the spinning wheel game. The beauty of spinning wheel game ideas are the versatility and simplicity of the wheel. Customization allows you to adopt spinning wheel games in any environment. Although, different marketers used different kinds of strategies which suit their business but spinning wheel game free is a great idea to adopt for effective marketing.

The spinning wheel game can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it for gaming, business leads, education, fun and for home users not just for fun but also used for making decisions. It is a great innovative way for decision making. Digital gaming is going to be very popular day by day. Universities across the world are offering specializations in the field of game development to fulfil the deficiency of the game developers. Spinning wheel games are free but some companies allow you to buy the advanced version of these kinds of games. It is basically a random picker tool that spins and picks a selection based on your input.

Spinning the wheel games are developed to get both short-term and long-term benefits by offering rewards. It is an advanced version of a spinning wheel game board and now it is available on the internet in a digital manner. It is much easier than the board game. You can change your wheel input options as many times as you want without paying any penny. Spinning wheel game colors increase the attractiveness of the wheel. If you are confused about making any type of complicated decision, you can use this wheel to make your decision easy and free of hassle. Hundreds and thousands of people are using the spinning wheel game for fun, education, business and decision making purposes.

Some ideas for spinning wheel games Activities, Entertainment and Promotions

We are giving you some main ideas to use this innovative spinning wheel game.

  • Trade show booth
  • Conference table
  • Employee appreciations and recognition
  • Office party
  • Classroom
  • Home use
  • Restaurant
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • School/Job fairs
  • Food festivals
  • Special expos
  • Retail stores
  • Casino
  • DIY business

How to build it?

The process to build the spinning wheel game is very simple. There are many websites on the internet which offer free and paid spinning wheel games. Just select the name of the spinning wheel and write the name of categories into the spinning wheel game generator. Different websites offer to select 25-100 categories according to the requirement of the user and all these categories are separated with different colors which make the wheel good looking. You can easily update your wheel at any stage and can remove any category if you don’t need it.

Below are the main steps in order to build the spinning wheel game.

  • Choose a name of the wheel
  • Create the categories (2-100 categories)

You can also change the look, theme and some other properties of your wheel to make it attractive and beautiful. The following components can be changed according to your needs and requirements. Custom colors, Text colors, Color of theme, Seconds to spin, Weights and Wheel diameter.

This is the whole process to create a beautiful spinning wheel game.

How does it work?

The working of a spinning wheel game is as simple as to create it. After creating the spinning wheel, the user just clicks on the wheel and the wheel starts to spin when it stops after a certain period of time it selects a category. The selection of categories works in a random order that is the beauty of the spinning wheel that makes it versatile. If you need to spin the wheel again you can do it for an unlimited time period. Just simply spin the wheel and get the random answer to your question for decision making or to enjoy the game with your friends and family members.

What is a spinning wheel game for?

You can use the spinning wheel game tool for decision making and fun. It is a great tool that can be used in any sector like education, business, entertainment, jobs fairs, casino and fun games. The spinning wheel game is a perfect tool for those who want to play free and interesting online games or interested to make a decision with the help of this free innovative tool.

Can it Share or save the App?

The spinning wheel game online can easily save, and share with your colleagues, friends and family members. Spin wheel game free download is also possible. It can also save to use offline. You can also share the app or the link of the app to anyone.

Social Media Presence

The Spinning wheel game online has an extensive presence on all popular social media networks including Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. You can easily join the spinning wheel games online community on social media networks and can also share your own wheel with the whole world.

Decision Making

One of the main aspects of spinning wheel games is decision making. Decision making is a difficult process and you need to be very efficient to an experienced person to make the right decision. Everyday we have to make minor to serious decisions but sometimes these decisions are so odd or difficult that we just get confused. In this kind of scenario, it is better to get help from a spinning wheel tool to make a final decision. You just need to create a wheel according to your situation and spin it to make a decision for you.

Flipping the coin is a very old way of decision making but it is still practicing especially in the field of sport. Most of the matches start to flip the coin. But a coin has just two sides that allows us to make a decision yes or no on the other hand spinning wheels give us the opportunity to flip the coin up to 100 sides that makes the broader spectrum of your decision making. In this simple way you can easily settle down the problems between friends, family members and colleagues.


The Spinning wheel game is a very popular and simple game that can use any type of user to enhance the productivity of your website or to get the engagement of the users. Computer and mobile games are becoming advanced and popular day by day and a large majority of people get involved in them. Spinning wheel game is a versatile and cost effective game for everyone.


The spinning wheel game is a great versatile tool to promote your business in a different manner with style.

Spinning wheel game apps are easily available both for desktop and mobile users. You have the opportunity to integrate it with your own website. You can manage different business ideas with the help of spinning wheel games.