How do you use a name picker wheel?

Name picker wheel is a free web based tool that gives the opportunity to pick a random name from a list of names. To use the name picker wheel, you don’t need to install any plugin or software as it can easily run on latest browsers. This versatile tool can be used for many purposes including decision making, games, giveaways, leads generations and to maximize the engagement of the visitors. Name picker wheel spinners can be used to draw names of the winners of the contests in a random order. You can easily remove the name of the winner from the list of the names after a draw and can spin the wheel again for the next winner.

It is easily available online. You can use the name picker wheel as many times as you want and it is totally free. Customization of name picker wheel is possible according to user requirements. The beauty of this tool is that it can be used by all ages of people very comfortably. The selection process of the name picker spinning wheel is controlled by a mathematical random formula. The process of selecting the category is completely random and cannot be manipulated.

It is a great visual representation of an old board spinning wheel game in which wheels with different categories separated with different colors and players of the game throw a large needle to select a category. This digital name picker wheel has many advantages over the old board game. For example, you can make your own customized wheel without paying a single penny and can add up to 100 categories at your customized wheel. You can also change some advanced options like wheel diameter, spinning time, text color and theme of the wheel which is not easily possible to change in a board game. Random name picker wheel with sound leaves a pleasant effect.

Millions of people are using random name picker wheel decide on a daily basis to get benefits. It can be used as a fun game, decision maker, giveaways, contests and many others like these. You can use the name picker wheel as a great problem solver to solve the problems between your friends, colleagues and family members.

How to make a Name Picker Wheel?

The name picker wheel generator is used to create customized wheels in a very simple manner. You just need to enter the name of the wheel and enter the list of names. These are just two simple steps to make a lovely name picker wheel. You can add or remove any category if required. The name picker generator also allowed users to customize it. You change the text of the wheel, theme of the wheel, diameter of the wheel and spinning time of the wheel.

How does Name Picker Wheel work?

Name picker wheel is a very simple and easy to use tool. User only clicks on the wheel and it starts to spin and selects a category. The selection of categories is totally depending upon a randomized order.

Costs of Name Picker Wheel

A good news for the users of the name picker wheel is that it is absolutely free. you don’t need to pay anything and name picker wheel free download is also possible. You can use it as many times as you want.

How to share with others?

You can share your customized name picker wheel with others. Some websites are giving opportunities to share the wheel. These kinds of wheels are also widely available on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. On social media networks it is rather easier to share with the world.

How many names can we add in a Name Picker Wheel?

To add the quantity of names on a name picker wheel is different on different websites. Some websites are offering up to 100 categories while others allow you to create unlimited categories on the wheel. You should keep in mind that if you add too many categories on the wheel it could affect the efficiency of the wheel. The recommended number of quantities are 5-20 but it is up to your needs and requirements.

Uses of Name Picker Wheel

Name picker wheel is a versatile tool and it has multiple uses. Below are some of the main uses of the name picker wheel.

  • Decision making tool
  • Fun game
  • Giveaways
  • Baby name picker wheel
  • Auto name picker wheel
  • Lucky name picker wheel
  • Contests
  • Prize winning awards
  • Job fairs
  • Classroom activities

How fair is Name Picker Wheel?

Name picker wheel is completely fair and reliable. You can use it without any doubt. The backend of the wheel is coded with a mathematical random formula that selects categories in a random order. So there is no chance for manipulation.

Wheel decide app

Name picker wheel apps are easily available on the internet. The random name picker wheel app can be used to reach out to a large number of mobile users. App of the name picker wheel is also free to download.


Name picker name is an interesting fun game. It is used to spend a good time with your family members and friends. It is easy to create and simple to use. Another good part of this wheel game is that it is free for all. You don’t need any expertise to build this interactive game. Anyone can create it within a few minutes.


Education is a vast field that is using the latest tools and techniques. Name picker wheels can also be used in the education field in a positive way. You can make a name picker wheel to involve the class students for class activities in a random order. Just spin the wheel and select who will participate first and so on.


To pay less you can get more benefits from a name picker tool for your business. You can easily integrate a name picker wheel into your website to make it more engaging. You just need to use it properly to add value in your business. This tool can be used very effectively to enhance the sale of your business.