How do you use a Decision Wheel?

Decision wheel is a great online tool for decision making when you don’t want to and when you are confused to choose from similar options. Decision wheel spinners are widely used on the internet. It has gained huge popularity among students, professionals and housewives. It is a universal decision maker app for desktop and mobile users. This nice and simple tool can be used for decision making for your daily decisions or just for fun.

It is very easy to create your own decision wheel with the help of a decision wheel generator. Most of the websites are offering decision wheels for free while some websites are charging for it. To pay some extra money, users can enjoy more features of the decision wheel. Decision wheel websites allow you to add or change decision wheel diameter, text color, theme color of wheel, spinning time duration and title of the wheel to make it attractive.

It can be used to amused children or to make decisions in a stylish manner. It is a reliable and fair tool to make a random decision. The selection process is not linear but it works in a random fashion. Some certain mathematical formulas are responsible to handle its random process of selection. This randomization makes the decision wheel more interesting and reliable. Developers of decision wheels also make sure that users cannot manipulate the decision. It means that users will not know the result of the decision wheel.

The beauty of the decision wheel is its simplicity. It is so simple and easy to use that kids can also play with it without any hesitation. We all make decisions in our routine life. It is important to keep in mind that every time you cannot make the best decision but you need to move forward with a good decision. The Decision Wheel is a perfect tool to help out users to make good decisions, if users are confused to do so. You just need to click on the wheel and leave the wheel to spin to make a decision for you.

Some decision making ideas

You can create a custom decision wheel according to your own needs and requirements but we are just giving you some ideas to make it a perfect decision wheel.

  • Who will complete this task?
  • Who will bring the pizza?
  • Who will participate first in the class?
  • Which team will win the match?
  • What will be the name of the new born baby?

How to create it?

With the help of a decision wheel maker, you can create a beautiful decision wheel. Browse the decision wheel website and the decision wheel creator will let you build a customized wheel. You can give a title name and can create up to 100 categories or even more. The number of categories varies on different websites. Customization of the decision wheel is not difficult. You can create an editable decision wheel as you like and can change different options like theme of the wheel, text color, diameter of the wheel and spinning time duration.

How does Decision Wheel work?

The working of a decision wheel is so simple. Just click on the wheel to spin and get a random answer to your question whether it is easy or difficult. It is 100% random and optimized for mobile users. A mathematical random formula is used in a Java Script to pick a random word based on your input.

How to share or save the Decision Wheel?

Decision wheel download is free for everyone and allows you to play with it while you are offline. Decision wheel apps are extensively available on the internet. Decision wheel also has social media presence and has millions of users. It is also available on Windows Store and Play Store.

Features of Decision Wheel

Below are some main features of Decision Wheel.

  • Templates are available to make a new Decision Wheel
  • Can edit or remove categories of an existing wheel
  • Sharing is possible
  • Color scheme can be choose as you like
  • Spinning time can be controlled
  • Sound can be on or off
  • Can save for later use
  • Can make categories up to 100 or even more
  • Diameter of the wheel can be changed

How much is the cost of a Decision Wheel?

If you are looking to play an interactive free game or want to get a free decision maker in the form of a wise tool, then you should use Decision Wheel. It is free on most of the websites but some websites charge some bucks for advanced features. Decision wheel free download is one of the big reasons for its popularity.

How fair is the Decision Wheel?

Decision wheel is not just interesting but it is fair and reliable. It always gives random results which creates fun and excitement. A mathematical random formula used in Java Script language to make a random decision and it cannot be manipulated. It makes it a more interesting and reliable tool for each result.

Decision making

Decision making is a very complicated process which requires accuracy and expertise to make the best decision. If you have multiple choices and you need to select one from all of them while they have the same priority level, it could be a complex situation for you to make a final decision. In this scenario you can use the decision wheel very confidently. You just write down the choices and spin the wheel to let a decision for you. Decision wheel can save your energy to make a decision because it involves mental stress.


Many small and medium organizations are using the decision wheel to engage more customers. It is a very cost effective tool but very interactive. From a business point of view, it is a very serious use of decision making. The beautiful visual representation attracts users. You don’t need to pay a big amount of money to deal with it. Decision wheel can be integrated in your own website to make it more engaging. There is not any specific requirement to install any plugin or software to use the decision wheel. It is a versatile tool used for multiple purposes. You can easily use it to manage contests, giveaways and prize distributions.