How do you decide on a wheel?

Wheel Decide Online is a great innovative tool used for multiple purposes. This exciting tool is available both for free for basic level users and paid for advanced level users. The simplicity of the wheel allows everyone to build it and use it positively. Customization is very easy to make a wheel decide online tool to create fun and used for decision making.

It is basically an advanced version of board spinning wheel game in which a round board wheel with different options on it spins while players throw a large needle to pick an option. The digital wheel has many advantages over the old fashioned board wheel game. You can change wheel options like color of the categories, spinning time, theme color, name of the categories and wheel diameter. Different colors keep categories separated.

Daily a large majority of people are getting benefits from the wheel to use it for decision making and also used as a fun game to spend a good time with family members and friends. To make a beautiful wheel decide online you don’t need to know any type of difficult computing coding. Wheel decide builder gives you the opportunity to make a lovely wheel with a few simple steps while the backend coding to control the wheel is automatically managed by the wheel decide parent websites.

Wheel Decide Online has proved its effectiveness in many fields such as gaming field, entertainment, small and medium businesses, education and many others. It is a perfect tool for decision making. If you are stuck in this kind of situation where you cannot make decisions comfortably then Wheel Decide Online can help you out very effectively to make a decision. This app can easily download and can be used both online and offline. The integration of the wheel with your own website is also possible to get involved with your website audience and increase their numbers.

How to create it?

The process of making a wheel decide online is very simple and user friendly. Users have the option to build a wheel with up to 100 categories. Go to wheel decide online website, give the name of the wheel, create categories and your wheel is ready to use. Any category can be removed at any time while creating it or even after the wheel is landed on. You can also change some advanced features like theme color, text color, spinning wheel duration and wheel diameter.

How does it work?

Just click on the wheel, the wheel will spin and select a category. Random process is used to select a category that makes the wheel more interesting. This random process is a secret recipe of the wheel and the users of the wheel are not aware of this process. They simply just allow the user of the wheel to click on it.

Wheel decide online app

Wheel decide online app is available both for desktop and mobile users. You can play with it on your mobile while you are on the go or on your desktop when you have free time. The app is extensively and easily available on the internet.

Social Media Presence

It has a vast social media presence on all major social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. A large Wheel Decide Online community is getting benefits from the wheel. They are using not just for fun but for many other serious purposes. You can also share your own wheel with the whole world just to click on the share button.

Decision Making

Wheel decide online tool can save your energy for decisions making to let the Wheel Decide online to decide for you. A coin is a very basic and a simplest form of decision making. Although it is very old fashioned but still used extensively. Flipping the coin has only one problem that it allows the user to make a decision yes or no because it has only two sides but sometimes you need more than that. On the other hand, if you use Wheel Decide Online it allows you to flip a coin with up to 100 sides. You can spin the wheel as many times as you need it to make a final decision. You can easily sort out many problems between your colleagues, friends or family members on decisions like what will be the name of the new born baby, what movie to watch, where to go for dinner, which team will win the match and many others like these. If you have plenty of options and you just need to select one of them, it could be a difficult scenario but you can use the wheel decide online to control this kind of situation.


Education is a very big sector and it has vast opportunities to use the latest tools and techniques to make education easy and understandable. Wheel Decide online can be used to add value in the education sector. For example, make a wheel decide online for class student’s names, spin randomly to select a student who will participate in the class activity. This is one example to deal with it. You can use wheel decide online in many other ways to create value in an innovative manner.


Wheel Decide Online is a versatile fun game tool. It is free on most of the website. There are many online free and paid games available but not all of them are as popular as wheel decide online games. You don’t need to pay much for online wheel games. Digital games are getting popular day by day and if you are new to digital games then you can start with the wheel decide online games. These games are also very interactive and useful for your business and website to get greater involvement from the audience. You can create many different kinds of wheel decide games according to the scenario of your business. These kinds of games are easy to create


It is a great innovative tool for marketing to promote your business in a unique and stylish manner. You can handle contests, promotions and prize giveaways with the help of wheel decide online tool. There are no particular hardware or software requirements to deal with Wheel Decide Online. You can make your website more engaging with this elegant visual tool. It is a great idea to sustain and increase the visitor of your website. The Android version of this app is also available on the internet.