How do you use a name wheel?

Wheel of names is a fun tool. It is a versatile tool that can be used for multiple purposes. Although it looks like that it is created just for the sack of fun but you can also use it for some serious tasks like decision making and to increase the sale of your product. Wheel of names picker could be a great problem solver in a fun manner. Most of the websites offer a wheel of names spinner free for everyone. It is so simple and interactive that anyone can create and use it.

It is very popular on the internet. People are getting benefits using the wheel of name to solve their problems. A lot of small and medium enterprises are taking advantages from it. It can be very effectively used in the marketing strategy to boost up the involvements of the customers. You can engage your website audience with this simple and interesting tool.

It is equally popular both for desktop and mobile users. The creation of a wheel of names is very simple. It involves just a few steps to make a wheel of name. There are many websites which are offering to make a wheel of names with just a few differences. You can make a wheel of names with up to 100 names and all names will be separated by different colors. Customization is also very easy. It allows users to make changes like the theme color of the wheel, text color of names, wheel spinning duration and diameter of the wheel.

Wheel of names app download is easily available on the internet. App can be downloaded to use it on your mobile. There is a large community of desktop and mobile users of wheel names. If you are supposed to choose an option among multiple options while all options have the same priority level and you are feeling trouble to make a decision, then it is a good idea to build a wheel of names and let the wheel decide for you. It is a very simple and interesting way of decision making.

With the wheel of names, you can recall your old childhood memories of playing a board wheel game in which a round board having some categories on it spins and a player throws a large needle to select the category.

Some ideas to create wheel of names

You can make many types of wheel names which suits you. Below are some ideas to create a wheel of names.

  • wheel of baby names
  • wheel of girl names
  • wheel of boy names
  • wheel of animal names
  • wheel of names of class students
  • wheel of customer names
  • wheel of employees names

How to create the wheel of names?

You can make your own wheel of names. It is not just simply used to play but it is also very easy to create. Wheel of names generator allows the user to make a customized wheel. User gives the name of the wheel and gives the name of categories to create it. If a user feels to change the look of the wheel he can do it to change the theme of the wheel, text color and wheel diameter. Users can also remove any category at any stage.

How does the wheel of names work?

The working of the wheel of names is so simple. User just clicks on the wheel to spin it and the wheel selects a category for the user. The selection of the categories of wheel is based upon some certain mathematical formula which selects a category in a random order. It makes the wheel of names versatile and reliable. You can spin the wheel as many times as required and you don’t need to pay any cost for it.

Social Media Presence of Wheel of names

Wheel of names are easily available on many websites and all major social media networks as well. It has presence in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other social media platforms. Social media networks also give the opportunity to share your customized wheel with your friends, colleagues and the vast community on these websites.

What is a wheel of names for?

Wheel of names is a versatile tool used for multiple purposes. Some popular uses of the wheel of names are given below.

  • Fun games
  • Excellent decision making tool
  • Contests in a classroom
  • Trade shows activities
  • Engaging visitors on your website
  • Customers involvement

Decision making

Decision making is one of the main uses of the wheel of names. A large number of people are daily using it to make decisions. You can replace all of your flipping coin decisions with the wheel of names. As you know that coin has just two sides that’s why it can make only yes or no decision while a wheel of names can flip a coin up to 100 sides. It can shuffle your options randomly. It is a more attractive and versatile tool for decision making. If you are confused to make any decision you can get help from the wheel of names. You just need to write down your options in a wheel and spin it to let the wheel of names selector to make decisions for you.


Wheel of names can be used as simple digital games. You can make fun with your family members, colleagues, friends or even you can play this lovely game alone. It is free to play as long as you want to play. Wheel of names free download is also possible. You can play it online and offline as you like. You just click on the wheel and enjoy the game.


Wheel of names can be used to increase your sale and engagement of the customers. You can use it in a retail store or can integrate the wheel in your own website to make it more engaging. To use it effectively, you can add value for your business. Now it’s up to you how effectively you use it to get the maximum benefits. You can also manage promotions, incentives and prize distributions. In trade shows or in Expos you can introduce your customized wheel to attract more people and make the difference from others. It is a great visual tool that has gained popularity on the internet. To promote the app of the wheel of names you can reach a large number of mobile users.


Many small and medium organizations are using the decision wheel to engage more customers. It is a very cost effective tool but very interactive. From a business point of view, it is a very serious use of decision making. The beautiful visual representation attracts users. You don’t need to pay a big amount of money to deal with it. Decision wheel can be integrated in your own website to make it more engaging. There is not any specific requirement to install any plugin or software to use the decision wheel. It is a versatile tool used for multiple purposes. You can easily use it to manage contests, giveaways and prize distributions.